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Pengertian TOEFL dan Soal&Jawaban Test TOEFL

Pengertian TOEFL

Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL is abbreviated English proficiency exam (American accent) are required to enroll into college (college) or university in the United States or other countries in the world. This exam is required for applicants whose native language or the speaker is not English. TOEFL exam is organized by the office of ETS (Educational Testing Service) in the United States for all test takers around the world.
TOEFL English language test types are generally required for college entrance requirements at most universities in the United States and Canada both for the undergraduate program (S-1) and graduate (S-2 or S-3)​​. TOEFL test results are also used as a material consideration regarding English language proficiency of the students who apply to universities in other countries, including universities in Europe and Australia. In general, the TOEFL test is more oriented to American English, and a little different from the types of IELTS test-oriented to British English. Not like IELTS, TOEFL test is generally not have the individual part interview test.
The test usually takes about three hours and is organized into 4 parts, namely:
-          listening comprehension,
-          grammar structure and written expression,
-           reading comprehension, dan bagian
-           writing.
Values ​​ranged TOEFL exam results: 310 (minimum) to 677 (maximum value) for the version of PBT (paper-based test).
Since 1998, the TOEFL test is conducted online using a computer (Computer-based Testing / CBT), and since 2005 called the iBT (Internet-based Test). In places that have not been able to implement CBT or iBT (because there are no computer facilities and internet network), the TOEFL test is still conducted manually using paper and pencil (paper-based test or PBT). More information about the test CBT and paper-based TOEFL relating to registration, venue, cost, and test preparation materials can be found on the official website of TOEFL, http://www.toefl.org (CBT version of the TOEFL exam results have value ranges from 0 to 300, while the value for the iBT is from 0 to 120).
Lately TOEFL test organizers also held a kind of test TWE (Test of Written English) is the result of a separate value TOEFL test scores. The test takes 30 minutes, and participants will be asked to write a short essay that describes the ability of participants to express and pour an idea or ideas, as well as supporting the idea that the examples contained in everyday life using English standard.
Another type of test that is TSEP TOEFL (Test of Spoken English Program) which is similar to the individual parts of the interview on the IELTS test. They are usually used when we want to register as a teaching assistant or lab assistant (as one way to offset the cost of tuition) in universias in the U.S. (or other countries). Form of tests conducted orally and lasts for approximately 20 minutes. Implementation time and the deadline for registration is the same as the other TOEFL test, and costs about $ 100.

Sample Test Questions and Answers TOEFL

Soal dan Jawaban TEST TOEFL–Structure  1-3

This section is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate
for standard written English. 

1. The Eiffel Tower ___________ Paris, France.
a. landmarks
b. is landmarked in
c. is a landmark in
d. is in a landmark

2. Young deer _________.
a. are called fawns
b. be fawns
c. is fawns
d. are fawns called

3. Not until a dog is several months old does it begin to exhibit signs of
independence ___________.
a. its mother from
b. from mother
c. to mother
d. from its mother

Soal dan Jawaban TEST TOEFL–Listening 4–8

4. Man: We are going to get ice cream. Would you like to come with us?
    Woman: I am waiting for a package to be delivered.
    Narrator: What does the woman imply?
a. She does not eat ice cream
b. She has no money
c. She does not like packages
d. She will not be going

5. Woman: Are you going to go to the ball game?
    Man: You bet!
    Narrator: What does the man mean?
a. He will place a wager on the ball game
b. He will definitely go to the ball game
c. He likes to gamble
d. He does not like ball games

6. Man: That’s a nice car.
   Woman: I got it almost four years ago.
   Man. It looks brand new.
   Woman: Yes, it’s in good shape.
   Narrator: What does the woman mean?
a. The woman needs a new car
b. She likes to exercise
c. She has a new car
d. The car is in good condition

7. Man: Did you get you movie passes?
    Woman: I spoke to your secretary about it, and she took care of it for me.
    Narrator: What does the man mean?
a. The secretary was responsible for getting the movie passes
b. The are no movie passes
c. He has the movie passes
d. The movie passes are in the mail

8. Man: How do you like living in America?
    Woman: I am used to it know.
    Narrator: What does the woman mean?
a. She has always liked living in America
b. She hates living in America
c. She is accustomed to living in America
d. She would rather live in America

Soal dan Jawaban TEST TOEFL–Structure 9-10
9. _______ chocolate will give you a tummy ache.
a. Eat too much
b. Eating to much
c. Eating too much
d. Eating too many
10. If she ____________ to advance her clock one hour, she wouldn’t have been late
for work.
a. should have remembered
b. could remembered
c. remembered
d. would have remembered

Soal dan Jawaban TEST TOEFL–Listening 11–15

11. Woman: Marie sure likes shopping.
      Man: If only she liked doing homework as well!
      Narrator: What does the man imply about Marie?
a. She is very likeable
b. She does not put much effort into her homework
c. She goes to the mall everyday
d. She has a lot of homework

12. Man: I thought I was supposed to perform the experiment in Room 45.
      Woman: No. Ticket 45 is in Room 54.
      Narrator: What will the man probably do?
a. Go to Room 54
b. Go to Room 45
c. Buy a ticket
d. Go home

13. Man: Did you know that Tracey and Bob are back from their honeymoon to Las
    Woman: So they did get married after all.
    Narrator: What had the woman assumed about Tracey and Bob?
a. They were still in Las Vegas
b. They would not get married
c. They had a spectacular wedding
d. They hate Las Vegas

14. Man: Do you usually take a nap?
      Woman: I do now and then.
      Narrator: What does the woman mean?
a. She occasionally takes a nap
b. She always takes a nap
c. She never takes a nap
d. She used to take a nap

15. Man: Can you believe it? I got an A on my Finance exam
      Woman: Way to go!
      Narrator: What does the woman mean?
a. She is asking where to go
b. She wants him to leave her alone
c. She is congratulating him
d. She thinks he is a liar

Soal dan Jawaban TEST TOEFL–Listening 16–20

16. Man: How did the job interview go?
      Woman: I could not have been more pleased.
      Narrator: What does the woman mean?
a. The interview went very well
b. The woman did not like the interview
c. The interview was cancelled
d. The interview went terrible

17. Man: Do you mind if I turn on some music for a while?
      Woman: No, I don’t mind.
      Narrator: What does the woman mean?
a. Music will not bother her
b. She hates listening to music
c. She wants to think harder
d. She does not have any music

In this part you will see several longer conversations and talks. You should answer each question on the basis of what is stated or implied by the speakers in the conversation or talks.
Narrator: Listen to a lecture by a biology instructor.
Many people think of gorillas as dangerous killers. One reason for this is that
television and movies often show these animals this way. But gorillas are really gentle animals.
The gorilla is a vegetarian. It lives in the African rain forests where it finds the
fruits and plants it needs to survive. A large, wild gorilla might eat over 40 pounds of leaves and fruit in one day.
Unfortunately these peaceful creatures are in danger of becoming extinct. Each
year, large areas of the rain forests are being cut down. Because there is less and less food from these forests, the number of wild gorillas is becoming smaller and smaller.
18. The passage describes gorillas as being:
a. Dangerous killers
b. Carnivores
c. TV and movie stars
d. Gentle animals

19. According to the passage, why are gorillas in danger?
a. Because people keep hunting them.
b. Because they eat too much.
c. Because forests get too much rain.
d. Because their food supply is being destroyed.

20. If something is becoming extinct, it is:
a. Becoming lively.
b. Dying out.
c. Growing wild.
d. Getting sick.


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