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Typical Food Cirebon

Gejrot know kind of tofu skin is made from soymilk. The specificity of gejrot know is that it tastes fresh, pale-colored with a thick skin texture and content rather empty. This is the differentiator know gejrot to know sumedang, tofu paste, tofu Bandung, or the other thing I knew.

Know this type are very identical as one of the typical culinary Cirebon. But make no mistake, each region has a different culinary in Cirebon, respectively, and know gerjrot Ciribon is only produced in the east. "Gejrot" is a term in Sundanese language when mencimprat water as a pressure.

Know Gejrot be named because the presentation can not be separated from the cocktail sauce. Broth sembarag not, but it becomes imperative to use brown sugar to taste boiled salt to taste, then mixed with a pestle and mortar results cayenne pepper and raw onion.

Sensation "gejrot" it comes from the idea that a small incision with a texture that tends to empty the contents, will be able to absorb the sauce and SQUIRTS when bitten. This is one meal sensation with a cool idea gejrot couple broth. Imagine if you knew textured paste the contents of that thin skin and tend to be dense with taste salty if we dip the brush stew brown sugar, then there is no sensation of "gejrot" her because she knew paste gejrot not know.

Let alone know sumedang with a salty taste, so if presented with a brown sugar sauce stew Guris it will be increasingly salty. Anyway just know that inappropriate gejrot stew served with brown sugar sauce.

Gejrot know that already identical as culinary Cirebon, is only produced and sourced from Cirebon. One of them contained in Jatiseeng village, Cirebon district Ciledug-Kab. Within 70 KM's to the east of the city of Cirebon's and 5 KM to the northwest of the plaza Ciledug District.

There are complex tofu that has stood since 1968-an-run for generations. Marketing has spread up to Bandung, Jakarta, Semarang and some other major cities in Java. Resistance is reached 5-7 days to limit marketing know are served with this sauce.

Know how the presentation of this gejrot as has been the mathematical formula to be odd when one of the recipes are not met. Or just eaten him just like know other. Most important ingredient in this dish is know gejrot. The main ingredient can not be replaced with tofu Sumedang, Tofu or Tofu Petis Bandung. Should know Gejrot. Thinly sliced ​​in two by a line from corner to corner to form a triangle.

Next, prepare the sauce by boiling brown sugar to taste. Once boiling add salt to boil brown sugar to taste until you feel a combination of sweet and salty flavors into savory blends.

Thereafter prepare rendosan onion and cayenne pepper (for composition can be adjusted to individual taste) in a clay mortar, not too soft, just enough crushed and melted atnara Bawan and cabainya. Both are raw, boiled or fried without.

Then drizzle the sauce over the sugar stew contained mortar or pestle and mortar rendosan onion and cayenne pepper raw, stir until blended. Prepare pieces out gejrot on a separate mortar and mortar basuhkan of chili sauce into the mortar contains knew. Then know gejrot was ready to be enjoyed.

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